We are Life is Music, Music is Life, a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to provide scholarships for students with a passion for music who do not have the financial resources to afford lessons.

Our founder, Nevart Zeronian, feels that every child who has a passion for music should have the opportunity to receive quality music lessons to be able to express themselves artistically and creatively. “We are all one, regardless of race, religion or nationality. Love is the connecting tissue between us. I strongly believe that ‘Music is Love in Motion.’ It is a great tool for discovering ourselves, for sharing the beauty of our soul, for cultivating goodness, compassion and sensitivity. Life is Music, Music is Life makes the world a better place to live, one person at a time.”

We hope that music educators share this with music faculty in their district. We have included a Scholarship Process page to explain the timeline of the distribution of scholarships.

We look forward to hearing from both applicants and teachers. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]


Nevart Zeronian, Founder

Berenice Albrigh, Board Member
Shirley Grant, Board Member
Katerina Grein, Board Member

Ruthann Turekian Drewitz, Advisory Board Member
Maria Misko, Advisory Board Member

LIMMIL Scholarship Process

  1. Submit application online.
  2. LIMMIL must receive teacher recommendation via email by deadline on application. 
  3. Schedule interview/audition with members of the LIMMIL Board 
  4. Board approval of each recipient
  5. Sign Student/Parent Commitment Form  
  6. Select teacher to study with

Payment of scholarship will be discussed with each family and a payment schedule will be set up with the selected teacher.

Scholarships are awarded at our Spring Gala. Scholarship recipients must be using their award by December 31st of the year scholarship is awarded, otherwise, scholarship is forfeited.  

We’re proud to announce a new partner in our fundraising efforts. We’ve joined TD Bank’s Affinity Membership Program, which provides our organization the opportunity to earn annual cash contributions. We’re thrilled with the ease of participating in this program and that there is no cost to our organization or our members. For additional information, visit your local TD Bank Store.


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